Allergen information

Our classicsAllergen
Roasted salad with tunagluten, fish, sulfites and milk
Pork loin with toast and alioligluten, milk, sulfites
Smoked sardines with tomatofish
Salmon tartar with avocado and mangofish, soy, sulfites, sesame, mustard
Grilled vegetables with romesco saucegluten, nuts
Not broken eggs with fried potatoes, ham and foiegluten, egg
Russian saladsulfites, egg, mustard
Spicy potatoes with kimchim mahonesagluten, sulfites, milk, egg
Homemade Croquettes (Cod, iberico ham, chistorra and gluten free ham)gluten, milk, egg, fish
Tasting of selected cheeses table (We adapt the size of the table to number of guests)gluten, milk, nuts
Mojama and almond friedgluten, fish
On homemade bread
Toasted homemade bread with sobrasada, bree cheese, nuts and honeygluten, milk, nuts
Toasted homemade bread with serrano ham, guacamole, arugula and parmesangluten, milk, nuts
Toasted homemade bread with tuna, alioli and egggluten, milk, egg, fish
Toasted homemade bread with salmón and smoked codgluten, fish, sulfites
Mixed House salad (Mix of lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, olives, tuna, boiled egg and orange)egg, fish
Cesar salad (Mézclum of gourmet lettuce with grilled chicken breast, fried bread crusts, walnuts, parmesan flakes and homemade yogurt sauce)gluten, milk, sulfites, nuts, mustard
Marinated tuna POKE (Marinated tuna, mezclum, sushi rice, bean sprouts, cherry, avocado, red onion, wakame seaweed, black sesame and soy sauce with apple and ginger)fish, soy, gluten, sufitos
Rice and pasta
Seafood paella (per person)fish, crustaceans, moluscos
Mixed paella (per person)fish, crustaceans, moluscos
Lasagna bolognesegluten, milk, egg
Fresh chicken wok with vegetables and noodles of rice with teriyaki saucesoy, sulfites
Tuna with rice and vegetables wokfish, soy, sulfites
Grilled octopus with potatofish
Grilled national squidsfish
Fried national squidsgluten, fish
Fried fish (Rejos, marinated dogfish, prawns, cod, vegetables in tempura)gluten, fish
Grilled pork tenderloin pepper sauce or roquefort saucegluten, milk, egg, mustard
Beef with green peas in saucesulfites
Meatballs with tomatogluten, milk, egg, sulfites
Garlic prawns with traditional chickpea hummusfish, nuts, sesame, sulfites
Glass of salmorejo and bread with hamgluten, egg
Pickled anchovies with potato snackfish, sulfites
Nachos with meat chili, guacamole, cheddar saucegluten, milk, sulfites
Cod loin confit at low temperature in EVOO with roasted salad, white garlic and pistachiosgluten, fish, nuts, sulfites
Cheese tastinggluten, milk, nuts
Pork flamenquin with pink sauce, parmesan and pistachiosgluten, milk, nuts, sulfites
Fried rejos with alioligluten, fish
Matured mini cow burger with cheddar, spinach and caramelized oniongluten, milk, egg, sesame
Marinated dogfish with tempura vegetablesgluten, milk, egg, fish
Fried prawnsgluten, fish
Beef with green peas in saucesulfites
Meatballs in sauce with peasgluten,milk, egg, sulfites
Quail egg with sausagegluten, egg
Pork loin with alioli, ham and fried peppersgluten, milk
Spicy potatoesgluten, sulfites, milk, egg
For children
Mini burger with cheese and chipsgluten, milk
Ham croquettes (2 unit)gluten, milk, egg
Chicken fingers and chips (6 unit)gluten, milk, egg
Full (burger, lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion)gluten , milk , egg , sesame
Crispy Chicken (lettuce, tomato, Deluxe mayonnaise and crispy onion)gluten , milk , egg , sesame
Maxi Burger (lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, bacon and grilled egg)gluten , milk , egg , sesame
Gourmet (Galician beef burger with green sprouts of lettuce, caramelized onion, goat cheese, honey and mustard sauce) served with fried potato wedgesgluten , milk , egg , sesame , mustard , sulfites
Al Fuego (spicy beef burger, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, chili meat, jalapeños and guacamole) served with fried potato wedgesgluten , milk , egg , sesame , mustard , sulfites
Veggy (burger beyon meat vegetable with guacachiplote, rúcula, fresh tomato, pickled red onion)gluten , milk , egg , sulfites , mustard , nuts , sesame , soy
Hot Dog (perrito caliente con cebolla crujiente, bacon y salsa cheddar)gluten , milk , sesame , soy , mustard , soy , egg
Serranito (pork loin, ham, fried peppers and alioli)gluten , milk
Imperial (pork loin, tomato and cheese)gluten , milk
Van Gogh (pork loin, tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon and grilled egg)gluten , milk , egg
Madrileño (squid with alioli)gluten , fish , milk
Regio (pork loin with tomato sauce and peppers)gluten
Club (grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, grilled egg, cheese, bacon and mayonnaise)gluten , milk , egg
Vegetal (tuna with letucce, tomato, boiled egg, ham, carrot and mayonnaise)gluten , fish , milk , egg
Barbacoa (bacon, grilled egg, cheddar, and bbq sauce)gluten , milk , egg , mustard , sulfites
Nachos with chili of meat, guacamole, cheddar sauce, pico de gallo & yogurt saucegluten ,soy , milk , egg , mustard
Chipssin gluten
Spicy potatoesgluten , soy , milk , mustard , egg
Alioli sauce, ketchup, moyonnaise, yogurt sauce, BBQmilk , soy , mustard , egg , sulfites
Oven cheese cake with strawerry ice creammilk, egg
Chocolate brownie with nuts, white chocolate ice cream and pistachosmilk, egg, nuts
Assortment of desserts to share (Mínimum two people)gluten, milk, egg, nuts
Ice cream (Tangerine, strawberry, white chocolate, vanilla)milk, egg, nuts
Grandma’s cake with cookies, cream and chocolategluten , milk , egg , nuts
Profiteroles of choux pastry cream with chocolate and nuts (4 units)gluten , milk , egg , nuts
Waffle with chocolate and almond crocantigluten , milk , egg , nuts