Since 1963,
tradition and creativity in the kitchen

Regio Mediterranea is a family business that has been creating a cuisine full of tradition and enthusiasm since 1963. Exquisite preparation, based on a deep knowledge of the art of cooking and the incomparable ingredients of the land of Almeria, products full of tradition and flavor.

Our menu is based on seasonal products, so it is different in each season of the year, so we can always offer you the freshest and most natural products.

At Regio Mediterranea you will find Mediterranean cuisine, gastrotapas, vegetarian and vegan options and a complete menu of gluten-free dishes. And most importantly, all the enthusiasm to make you enjoy our cuisine.

Our specialities

Classic Andalusian or international starters. Imaginative salads or rice dishes. Fish from the ports of Almeria or meat from the inland mountains. Whatever you fancy today, at Regio Medierránea you can enjoy the best cuisine.


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